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Pregnancy Photography

Family 12When you are pregnant your child is growing in your womb. Your tummy is growing up while your baby growing in side.

Your focus while you are in pregnancy, doesn?t matter the first or the second one, is on your baby bump and changes in your body.

You would like to capture this to show your baby in the future in your pregnancy photography. This is the early stage for him or her even before he or she was born.

Time is changed. Previously pregnant mother was pretending to hide the baby bump, but now new generation is having joy of pregnancy and its journey.

All wants to capture the moments when baby shaped in the womb stage by stage. Even some mothers are keeping pictures inside the womb which is called ultrasound pictures.

But most of the women like to capture their changes in the body from the Family 14point they realized till to the delivery.

Depending on many factors, we can offer different scenario for shooting in your home, in the town you live in or in one of our studios for your pregnancy photography. Let?s see what we can offer?

My first gravidity

If this is your first prolificacy, you might want to capture monthly growth in your tummy or alternatively you could do shooting every trimester. This shooting could be best in your own home, the corner that you liked most or the place in town you feel comfortable with.

You could take this shooting done in different places each time and create variety as well. Each time you can wear different clothes or the same cloth which could display the changes very well.

Other members of the family

It could be good idea to include your husband in the luxuriance photos. He could stand next to you holding you with care and affection and focus on posing to your tummy displaying the love to your incoming baby.

He might put one hand to your shoulder and the other one to your bump. Husband could kiss to your tummy as well.

Ideal location to take these shoots could be in your home maybe in your bedroom or living room with privacy.

If you don?t want to photographer to penetrate into your privacy, studio could be arranged in homely manner so shooting could be done there as well.

If you are pregnant for the second child, you can include the elder brother or sister into the frame. First one could hug to your bump as if he or she is the guardian angel of the coming one.

First born could hold banner like ?I love you my sister or brother? standing next to you in the frame. This shooting can be done in the studio since there are lots of props to support these ideas and more creativity. Your own props are also welcome.

If you belong to crowded family, it could be the best for you to bring all family members like grandmother, grandfather into the picture.

They are guest in this world and wisest of us doesn?t know when they go away. Since they are around please take them into the picture as part of your child history.

Immediate family, husband, first born and you could be studio picture or a portrait picture traditionally.

But if you would like to invite other family members like grandparents this picture could be taken backyard of your own home or in the studio itself.

Let us create your family history.

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To do that, we cooperate different studios in different locations which could suit you better in convenience for location vise.

We also arrange different packages for you to choose for better options for your needs. To do that, we cooperate our studios for them to offer better deals for you.