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Family 8Family photography is the only way that you could carry your family tradition from pass to the next generation. Invent of the new digital technologies taking the pictures of family members have changed a lot. Changes are mostly on the reflection of the family members together from still to lively appearance on the pictures, which is more natural way of displaying family tradition.

Taking photos are also easy now due the facilities offer by the new technology. More pictures could be taken in order to catch the best poses.

If you look at your old descendant photographs, you realize that previous shootings were mostly in the studio, while the photograph machines are huge and not mobile.

Now it is so different, machines are compact and easy to carry. Small machines could do marvels in the world and capture all members of your folks any where any time.

Taking the pictures, depending on the environment, could reflect the Family 4family tradition and the way of life. Using different kinds of props give flexibility to the professional photographer as well as the family to choose. For example, choosing urban environment setting represents the family?s modern life style.

Proper usage of backdrops as a prop could change the setting and reflection from exotic stairways to architectural or historical sites.

It has to be discussed between you and our professional photographer in order to decide which backdrop to be used and what has to be worn according to your requirement and expectation of getting best shot ever.

When the decision is given after the discussion, family photography could be taken with proper clothes matching to the backdrop, which reflect your dynasty tradition and way of life.

If you decide to take your family pictures in the open fields, which highlight the human element embedded in the nature such as green grasses or trees, family picture could come up in relaxed and cozy atmosphere and reflect the easy in the family.

It is advisable to take those pictures during sun rise and sun set period to get the light effects naturally in our favor. Be careful of setting the date of shooting based on the weather report in Malaysia.

You might choose your own house for shooting. Regardless of how big house you have, it can be done in any corner of the house, using natural light which penetrates through the window to you while you are sitting on your favorite sofa or your back yard.

If it is inside the house, dress code that you could choose could be little bit relaxed but formal. Or you can have your family photography taken just under the grandparent?s picture hanging.

Wherever you choose as a place of shooting, you could prefer more candid pictures instead of still poses. This is the recent trend that almost every family?s prefer to have which reflect dynamism and the naturalism in the family.

If you prefer to have candid pictures you might choose to wear more comfortable and great looking dress that you loved most. This could be sharing special moments with your generation members on special events.

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